Raymon E. Hunt – 3H’s Knives

314667_1964346194599_1095400_n[1]Raymon began making knives in 2011 at the urging of longtime friend and maker, Jim Crowell. He has had a lifelong interest in knives and began collecting custom handmade knives in 1981 when he bought three of the first knives that Jim made. In the intervening years he has collected hundreds of knives, concentrating on Jim Crowell, Steve Dunn, Harvey Dean, Don Heathcoat, Ron Newton, and Steve Woods knives.

Raymon’s first formal training in knife making was in early 2011 at Jim Crowell’s shop in Mountain View, AR. Raymon had developed a knife design, over a three year period, based on an original design of Jim’s. After the third iteration, Raymon deemed it “perfect” for general use on the ranch, in the kitchen, and in the woods. It’s known as the 3H’s Ranch Knife, by Jim Crowell. Raymon sold 17 of them and spent a week with Jim in his shop helping make them and he was hooked. He loves the knife-making process and the striving to make each knife better than the last one. It is a quest.


Knives to be Sold at the Show:


Representative Knives:


Raymon E. Hunt
3H’s Knives, LLC
600 Milam Court
Irving, TX 75038

972-887-9931 fax



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